This is a letter from Ray Reynolds,
a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving in Iraq:
See end of letter for links to this letter's authenticity.

"As I head off to Baghdad for the final weeks of my stay in Iraq, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who did not believe the media.  They have done a very poor job of covering everything that has happened.  I am sorry that I have not been able to visit all of you during my two-week leave back home.  And just so you can rest at night knowing something is happening in Iraq that is noteworthy, I thought I would pass this on to you.  This is the list of things that has happened in Iraq recently: (Please share it with your friends and compare it to the version that your paper/TV is putting out.)

Don't believe for one second that these people do not want us there.  I have met many, many people from Iraq that want us there, and in a bad way.  They say they will never see the freedoms we talk about, but they hope their children will.  We are doing a good job in Iraq and I challenge anyone, anywhere to dispute me on these facts.  So If you happen to run into John Kerry, be sure to give him my email address and send him to Denison, Iowa.  This soldier will set him straight.  If you are like me and very disgusted with how this period of rebuilding has been portrayed, email this to a friend and let them know there are good things happening."

Ray Reynolds, SFC
Iowa Army National Guard
234th Signal Battalion

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